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Instant access to our member web site with the most recent portfolio updates and ETF Investment Articles from Carl Delfeld, including archives to past articles and portfolio updates.

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Chartwell Global Investment Letter
…describing model portfolio performance, allocation changes, updates on global markets and economic and political trends that I am watching closely. This section also summarizes strategies outlined throughout the web site
Chartwell Asia
…zeros in on an under the radar screen investment theme and then lays out several creative options to capitalize on it.
ETF Focus
…concentrates on new ETF product developments and highlights strategies to get the most out of your ETF portfolios.
Regional Survey
…offers business and political information that cuts across borders and provides investors with a better feel for investment opportunities and risks.
Country Insight
…is for investors looking for a fact filled and descriptive picture of a country’s people, economy, politics and investment potential.
ETF News & Products
…catches up on the latest trends and new products from ETF sponsors such as iShares, Power shares, State Street, Rydex, Fidelity, First Investors, Pro Funds and more.

7 Model ETF Portfolios


7 ETF portfolios for you to choose from and manage that have consistently out-performed their benchmarks.

3-Year Average
Annual Returns
Core Conservative
New Venture
Gone Fishing
Global Dividend/Income
Click on each portfolio for details.


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