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7 Model ETF Portfolios


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3-Year Average
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New Venture
Gone Fishing
Global Dividend/Income
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Why you should use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as a Core Investment Tool
Sharply lower expenses and more tax efficient ETF’s or iShares are proving to be the most flexible, cost effective, and simple investment tool available today.

Why a Global Perspective is essential
The growth of global opportunities coupled with the decline of the US dollar make building a portfolio that is globally diversified essential to reducing the overall risk of investing.

Why you need
Deep global investment experience that is unbiased, independent and focused on building global portfolios.

What you will not learn from us
Investing and building international portfolios are the core of our activity. However for people with gambling affiliations, please visit where you can see what are the best places to bet and even receive some bonuses for football or cricket events. Sports betting online is for entirely entertainment purposes, but there are plenty of tips what strategies to use in order to maximize your chances of winning!

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